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        1. Acrylamide crystal by microbion method
          Company No.: Q/NK002-1

          AcrylamideThe company adopts international advanced bio-chemical method to produce acrylamide. Comparing with the traditional chemical methods, the product has such characteristics as higher purity and lower ironion contents and Containing no copper ion, and are specially suitable for producing polymers with high polymerization degree uniform molecular weight spread.

          It's mainly used to produce different kinds of homopolymers and modified polymers, and also is widely applied to medicine, dyestuff, paiting and daily chemical industries.


          Molecule formula C3H5ON weight:71. 08
          Structral formula:
          CH2=CH- C-NH2
          M.P.: 84°C

          The product is easily soluted in water, alcohol, and etc, and is easily humidified and concentrated when exposed to air.

          Packaging and storage:

          Acrylamide crystal is sealed germetically in 25Kg compound packing bags and the strict measures shoud be taken to keep clean. The solution is packed in plastic drum, its packing should be stainless steel or plastic coating container and the strict measures shoud be taken to keep clean. Acrylamide should be kept in a cool, dark place with fine ventilation and shouldn't be exposed to sunlight and the storage temperature can't exceed 25°C. It's forbidden to mix with oxidant or reductant.

          Safety cautions:

          The product is poisonous, it can't be put into mouth or contact with skin. In case of contact with skin, you should immediately wipe off and clean with water. During usage and transportion it is not allowed to eat (including smoking and drinking)without handwashing.

          Item Index
          High-class First-rate standard
          appearance White cystal
          The content of acrylamide(%)≥ 98.0 97.5 96.5
          Moisture(%)≤ 1.0 1.5 2.5
          chromaticity≤(solution)Ha2en 10 10 20
          The content of polymerization inhabitor mg/kg 3.0~7.0 3.0~8.0 1.0~12.0
          Electrical conductivity(40%solution)Ms/cm 20 50 100
          The content of ironion(ppm)% 0.0001 0.0001 0.0001


          high degree of purity; low content of iron ion;Containing no copper ion; particular suite for multipolymer and homopolymer of high molecularweight. Its material of AN is reacted complete wirh any residues.


          toxic, no eat or contacted with skin. If contact with skin, washing with water. Before cleanning, anyone can not eat food. The usage should follow the rules.


            Acrylamide crystal
            Acrylamide solution
            Anion-type polyacryamide



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